The following are some demo products that have been developed for demonstration's sake of what is possible with Yunmai OCR technologies. For enterprises and developers in search of customized solutions, please contact us at For more information on Software Development Kits, please proceed to this OCR SDK specific site.

Docs Matter - Mobile Scanner

Being a professional documents scanning software, the app's capable of scanning the resource paper documents and converting them into machine-readable, editable, as well as searchable files, which makes it most convenient to use when it comes to safekeeping, tracking, and sharing important files.

Docs Matter Apple Download Docs Matter Android Download Docs Matter PC Download

Scancard - Business Card Reader

The surging popularity of O2O in the recent years brings almost all business onto the Internet. One of the side effects this brings about is that exchanging e-business cards has become most important for both online and offline business. With our Scancard, making and managing e-business cards shall be a no-brainer.

Scancard Apple Download Scancard Android Download Scancard PC Download

CC Smart Eye - Live Text Translator

This compact widget reads from captured-images texts of one language and put them into your chosen target language with fast speed and intelligence. You'll find it comes most in handy during trips to foreign lands. Just grab it and embark on a ready-to-go trip.

CC Smart Eye Apple Download CC Smart Eye Android Download CC Smart Eye PC Download

CC - Instant Messenger

Bundling up a majority of fantastic instant messenging features, including emoticons, text/audio/video messages sending and receiving, image and location sharing, and files transfer, CC Instant Messanger enables fast, efficient, and most important of all, safe communications between office departments, friends, closed groups, etc.


Comming soon - Form Recognition

Applied with state-of-the-art OCR technology as well as some deep-learning techniques, Yunmai Form Recognition kit's able to read forms of all sorts, with the output results best-optimized with corresponding templates in the right place for comparison. The kit boasts fast, accurate, and intelligent identification of key data in the recognized forms and, as a plus, functions to process images like cropping and readjustment. Although we are still on the way to putting up a testable demo on app stores, yet feasible solutions for enterprises and app developers are ready. Just feel free to contact us and claim it if you feel the need to implant the fantastic tool in your software.